Inertia Wave


See Who Is Using The Inertia Wave®

Maximize The Potential Of Your Daily Workouts

The Inertia Wave® will give you the best HIIT workout than anything you've done before by combining metabolic conditioning with core and cardio.

Decrease Fat While Maintaining Muscle Mass

The Inertia Wave® requires a higher caloric expenditure than other alternatives.

Reach and Exceed Your Goals

By mastering the 18 Inertia Wave Methods for intervals of 30-60 seconds, you will far exceed your goals while also boosting your metabolic rate.

Increase Your Post-Oxygen Consumption

Boost your recovery into overdrive and continue to burn fat even 24-hours post-workout!

An Easy Setup Means You Can Take The Gym Anywhere

The SOLO & STRONG Models take only 30 seconds to anchor in over 50 ways. (No Anchor Required for DUO Models)

Unbelieveably Lightweight and Durable

The Inertia Wave® weighs only 3 lbs and is 9 feet long plus a 10 inch connecting rail strap making it possible to bring with you anywhere, anytime.