By Katie Musacchio

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK-The Spartans’ 2019 season came to a close on Tuesday, July 22 after a 6-0 loss to the Syracuse Salt Cats in the playoffs.

The Salt Cats showed up to win, scoring one run in the first and three runs in the second to start off on top. Pitching for the Spartans to start was Brock Weirather. Weirather pitched for six innings with three strikeouts. Nate Burns came in to relieve Weirather and finished the game with three strikeouts as well.

The Spartans had a total of four hits during Tuesday’s playoff game. Two of those hits were by Joe Curci, one by Bryce Moore, and another by Corey McMann. The Salt Cats ended up putting two more runs on the board, winning to advance in the playoffs (6-0).

Fans, host families, sponsors, non-profits, and players can find photos from the season on the Spartans’ homepage under the photos tab. The Spartans’ organization wants to thank everyone again who came out to support this year as well as a big thank you to all players and coaches!