SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Under a clear and warm sky, the Syracuse Spartans faced off against their city rivals, the Syracuse Salt Cats, in a highly anticipated showdown to wrap up the season. Unfortunately, the Spartans couldn’t secure the win they hoped for, as the Salt Cats emerged victorious with an 11-2 scoreline.

The Salt Cats set the tone early, taking the lead in the top of the first inning, capitalizing on two walks and a couple of fielder’s choices to go up 1-0. Undeterred, the Spartans fought back in the bottom of the third inning, taking a brief lead after loading the bases with three walks and scoring one run on a clutch single by Joe Wike and a walk by Adam Sullivan, making it 2-1 in favor of the Spartans.

However, the Salt Cats answered fiercely in the fourth inning, putting up an impressive six runs on two walks and four hits, firmly regaining control of the game with a 7-2 lead. From there, the Salt Cats continued to attack, adding more runs to their tally and securing an 11-2 victory.

The Spartan offense struggled to find consistency, managing only three hits for the rest of the game, with Brendan Flynn accounting for two of those hits. Player of the game for the Spartans was once again Joe Wike, who displayed his offensive skills by going 2-5 with a triple and an RBI single.

As the sun sets on this season, the Syracuse Spartans express heartfelt appreciation for all the support they have received and vow to come back stronger, ready to compete in the seasons to come. Thank you, Spartan community, for being the driving force behind this incredible journey for all!